Our Madelin Kurung Batik has been out for a few days now and it is loved by our customers. Made from textured viscose, Madelin offers you elegant look with black and red mood into your style.

The fabric was carefully hand-stamped by our batik maker. Extra finishing has been put to the fabric to make it long lasting.

The kaftan top and instant pareo skirt are completing each other to make this outfit look perfect on you. It is so easy to wear. The pareo skirt is an instant pareo, which you don't have to use any buckle to tie it. Our pareo have two knots which you can tie them twice and you are good to go.

Madelin Kurung Batik is available at RM179 each. Limited pieces, get them fast.

P/S: You can buy Dokoh Nusantara or Dokoh Kelasik to add extra spice to this Madelin Kurung Batik.