Since Covid-19 cases have roses to more than 500 a day, our government has called for MCO again within Selangor, KL and Putrajaya.

Malaysians need to be ready for post-MCO'

We have successfully survived our first national MCO up until June. During that time, our creativity has gone wild. We have so much time, so we explored. One of the famous invention during this MCO was Dalgona Coffee. I bet every one of us had at least tried once to make this coffee.

Dalgona Coffee - My Food and Family

How about you? Did you found any new hobby? And with this newly announced MCO, what are you going to do with your time at home?

These are fews ideas so you could stay sane during this MCO!



Our career might have pushed us a bit afar from our family. Use this MCO to strengthen your family bonding. You could do some home exercise together, playing board games, sharing cooking recipes or massage each other.

Fun Family Bonding Places for Your Homecoming Dinner | id8mocksite



Well many of us are a fan of hipster bakeries that serve unique menus. Since we are told to stay at home, why don't we try to have our own 'hipster cafe' at home? Try learning new things. Invest in cheap oven and study easy baking recipes.

For instance, you could try this caramel biscuit made from bread.



Apart from sleeping, you could pamper your body with some light exercise. This kind of activity is important to keep our body in shape. Exercise is good for our hearts and blood circulation too.

Stay Healthy by Streaming Portland Yoga Classes at Home - Blogtown -  Portland Mercury



If you have a yard, that's cool. If you do not have one, don't worry! You can buy all seed and soil from the internet.

Firstly you must decide what to grow. Buy suitable seed and soil from Lazada or Shopee. Invest in good fertilizer. Then you buy some basic gardening tool. Carefully plant and water your seed. Now you're officially a gardener!

Premium Photo | Kid planting and gardening at home


So have you decided what to explore during this MCO? Whatever you do, please stay safe always. Stay at home, together we can fight Covid-19.