Bisik بيسيق‎ |  [] 
A Malay word - means whisper.
BISIK: An Eid 2023 collection by Mirzen KL.

O hush the row

let the voice of your soul

resound in echo



A hush that speaks a thousand words, and in its secrets, worlds are stirred.
A secret shared, a bond between two souls ensnared, a breath that carries hopes and dreams, and on its wings, the heart it beams.
A sound of sweet, it's like a bustle, of whispered love and whispered fears, and in its echo, the heart it cheers.
Make friends with our inner voice; don’t turn it into our enemy.
Make peace with our intuition; let everything else go and let God.
Silence every noise. Hush every roar.
In the end of the day,
we’ll learn how loving and believing in ourselves is the only work that truly matters.

From the land of Solo it grew - this rayon cotton batik is unique in its own significant way. Traditional hand stamping technique may take a lengthy period of time, but it also promises that no two fabrics will be the same. Every imperfection is an unintentional beauty. Charcoal black, soil brown, pomegranate red, navy blue -- these natural shades compliment the rice motive that is the heart of its design. Any wearer is at liberty to fashion TUAI according to her comfort, carefreely playing with contrasting colours. As ever, MIRZEN’s signature pario skirt is here to stay; to tie the whole look together.



Like a dancer showered with rays of light, NYALA was born as a symbol of luxury in the BISIK selection. Shining out compared to other pieces, its textured fabric glimmers in silkiness. To make it even more exceptional, the design of its collar borrows inspiration from kimono; a staple in the Land of the Rising Sun. Grandeur tones add glow to the entire outfit --  pearly white, terracotta, and ginger gold. Perfect for any wearer who desires to step out of her ordinary zone and into splendour.  With MIRZEN, every dream is possible.




There is something about the silhouette of a kebaya. It is timeless and ageless. Earthy hues such as pomegranate red, sage green, sandy nude, and navy blue offer freedom for the wearer to style it as pleased. Even finer with rayon fabric which we rarely find its softness and coolness effect. Unlike MIRZEN’s former pieces, LUHUR has a distinctive form with its instant pleated pario; tie-less and ready-to-wear. A classic composition that will absolutely radiate grace.



A sequel of MEKAR 2022, this printed rayon fabric paves a comeback through BISIK and is back by popular demand. DESIR cleverly steals its charm from conventional baju kurung Kedah; comfy button-less neckline, flexible slit on sides, and practical three-quarter sleeves. Patterns of pretty dainty flowers and tiny leaves on pastel pink and baby blue creates loveliness for any wearer who dons the attire. Completed by MIRZEN’s notable and effortless pario, the piece has been crafted to be an elegance in modesty, a sure favourite by many.