Colours and attire can be quite nightmarish. Even as a bridesmaid, we want to look the best for a wedding especially when we will accompany the bride for the whole ceremony.

Confused on which colour to choose for your bridesmaids? Let's read our guide to choose the best theme for your bridesmaids.


Top Colour Choices for 2022/2023


Emerald Green

Bridesmaids wearing emerald green moira kurung sitting together with the bride.

We may be familiar with emeralds, especially men. Emerald is a medium shade of green, not too mute or too saturated. To be more specific, it is brighter than teal but darker than neon green. It is an eye-catching color which helps you stand out, especially against the backdrop or when being among other guests. Emerald green carries a prestigious and luxurious aura.



Bridesmaid wearing lilac moira kurung posed around the bride

Lilac and lavender tend to be mixed up. In comparison to lavender, lilac is a softer and gentle shade of purple almost pastel-like. It sits on the warmer color spectrum because lilac has a pinkish tone while lavender is more bluish and sits on the cooler colour spectrum. Nonetheless, lilac gives off a delicate and feminine appearance. Plus, lilac is a popular pick for a cool and contemporary design.



A soothing colour to complete your big day. Champagne might be a famous choice nowadays, and you might consider to choose it as everyone is using it too. However, champagne theme bridesmaids is just a perfect combination to your white white wedding dress.

A highly recommended choice.



Bridesmaid wearing gray moira kurung

Grey may be the last colour to appear in your head. On wedding days, you expect to wear colours that are bright and cheerful. Grey reminds you of a rainstorm thanks to its dull and gloomy colour. However, grey is an easy colour to blend in since its parent colours are black and white. On top of that, grey is actually a timeless colour meaning it will never be outdated while also creating a very sophisticated appearance.



Bridesmaid wearing white moira kurung

If grey is the last colour to pop in your mind, white may be the first. Most wedding dresses are white coded making it a well-received classic. White symbolizes purity which fits well with weddings since this occasion celebrates the beauty and purity of love and marriage. Plus, white being achromatic (meaning it does not have any base colour) makes it easier for fellow bridesmaid to mix-and-match with other colours for any fashion style.



Bridesmaid wearing brown moira kurung

Brown is a colour made from red, black and yellow. People may think brown is a hard colour to mix when in contrary, brown is a natural colour meaning it can mix well with any other colours. Take a step back and observe Mother Nature’s gift where brown goes well with green, yellow and more.



Bridesmaid and best men wearing nude color for the wedding theme

Another colour you would normally see in cosmetics. The term “nude” is coined based on the Western-Eurocentric Caucasian skin tone. The shade is much closer to beige with both being a pale version of whitish brown. Nude gives a neutral feel to the overall style and it is a perfect accent colour to be paired with others.


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(All photos were taken from shared Pinterest photos)