What is a Pareo?

A pareo is a type of wraparound skirt worn in Tahiti and Pacific Islands. Locals here may be more familiar with the name "sarong". 

At Mirzen, our pareos are easy to wear, without hassling over buckles and buttons. A knot or two is enough to secure the skirt. Our pareo features a sewn front with wide leg room to make it comfier to wear. Adjustable waist allows all sizes to wear our pareo. The pareo's design is simple, opening for creative opportunities to mix-and-match with other collections and overall avoiding a limited or bland fashion. 

When to wear pareo?

Some pareos are heavy with motifs and the choice of colors that limits where you can wear a pareo, or even match it with other fashion piece. 

Mirzen pareo is designed to be very versatile in any situation and ocasion. Attend formal events, hang out with friends and celebrate festivals in our pareo. Additionally, Mirzen pareo can be worn by bridesmaids and be sure to have it in your luggage before you take off for a vacation. 


How to wear our pareo?

We have two designs for pareo. This is a tutorial for the first design - for Macusa Kurung Batik, Medusa Kurung, and Moira Kurung.


1. Slip on the pareo and hold two points on the skirt. 

2. Tie the two points once. 

3. Repeat a second time. 

4. Tuck in the knots at both sides of the waist. 

6. And now you are good to go! :)



Whether you are short, tall, slim or chubby, you can always wear Mirzen's pareo with easy and feel comfy in it.

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