The basic fundamental of the making of Moira Kurung is 'less is more'. We believe that simplicity have significant effect on someone's appearance. The mind is at ease, and more confidence will be gained.

Moira consists of kaftan top and instant pareo. Both are made from dull satin. The fabric is really easy to iron, shiny but not too much. If you love silky fabric but don't want to feel exposed, Moira is perfect for you.

With FIVE alluring colours, Moira has been our customers' favourite so far. Ivory, Blush, Cloud, Pearl and Black are the choices for you to made.

In term of styling, you can style it in few ways; either you tuck the top into the pareo, or just let it flow outside. Both are looking elegant. You can also pair the top with other suitable skirt/pants according to your mood of the day.

Moira Kurung is available to be purchased at for just RM139 only.