Kita semua nak balik rumah. We all just want to go home, to love, to family, to familiarity.
Step into the heart of home with our RUMAH collection by Mirzen. Experience the gentle embrace of tradition and the familiar warmth of togetherness this Eid. Each piece in our collection is a tribute to the timeless charm of home, evoking cherished memories and celebrating the bonds that unite us.
If there is one single place in the whole world where we can be entirely ourselves, without a doubt, it is our home. It is within the confines of our home that we feel most confident and unpretentious. AMITA is exactly that, allowing so much room for movement and freedom for its wearer. True to its name, the potential is boundless and limitless. Loose top with pockets that could double up as an outerwear or a cardigan, ready to be matched with any other piece of garment in the wardrobe. Borrowing the idea of dhoti, an Indian type of sarong that resembles trousers, AMITA wrap-pants are tied around the waist, forming pleats and textures. While the outfit is available in black, it is also available in other pastel colours, giving us even more options to style and play with practicality and flexibility. At ease, at home.
“Anyone can build or buy a house, but not everyone can create a home.” If home is a person instead of a place, home is most probably our mother. The carer, the nurturer, the homemaker. The memories of her, fixing up our favourite dishes using various condiments and spices in the kitchen. BUMBU is a representation of that prominent, strong woman in our lives. Her love and sacrifices - as profound as the deep blue sea, her heart - white and pure. With original motives of lada hitam, bunga lawang, jintan and pelaga on fabric, BUMBU is the home that we return to for comfort and sense of belonging. Being kebaya, it also represents diversity as kebaya is widely worn by not only Melayu Nusantara, but Nyonya Cina and India Chitty as well.  Through the elegance and sophistication of BUMBU kebaya pareo, MIRZEN is paying homage to the identity and character of Malaysian women.
Home is the beginning  of everything. It is where we start, where we learn, and where we prosper. As a Chinese proverb once said: “If there is beauty in character, there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.” Influenced by the orient, KAILI is decorated with hand-sewn embroidery on its every finishing. Its alluring neckline is inspired by the Mandarin collar, completed with traditional knotted buttons - the pankou - symbolizing connection, reunion, togetherness and love. Needless to mention, the top is paired with MIRZEN’s signature pareo - everyone’s favourite. To finalize the whole look, KAILI comes with an intricately crafted handkerchief too; a reminiscence of our elderlies and how they always made us feel the warmth of home.
Especially crafted for Kaili, it includes a timeless embroidered handkerchief that evokes a sense of comfort and nostalgia.
Kaili brings back memories with its four charming colors.
What is home if it isn’t a place where childhood resides? A recollection of innocence running around under the gleaming blue sky and the flashing yellow sun, playing guli, ceper, and batu seremban. SELAMBUT brings us back to the good old days of fresh and fun, youthfulness and carefreeness. Illustrations of batu seremban and beras on its two-tone fabric; a nostalgia of our childlike drawings when we were little. SELAMBUT kurung Kedah pareo is us going back to our roots. How in the end of the day, despite us growing into different individuals, like different sizes of batu seremban, kita semua sebenarnya sama. Kita semua nak balik rumah. We all just want to go home, to love, to family, to familiarity.
Selambut includes a pouch of Batu Seremban, a traditional Malay game beloved by many girls. Fond childhood memories are tucked within.
Selambut brings back memories with its two beloved colours.
As a customary gesture during Eid, these money packets serve as a vessel of generosity and blessings, symbolizing the spirit of giving and sharing joy with loved ones. Whether it's a gift for children eagerly awaiting their Eid treats or a token of appreciation for cherished family members, our RUMAH Money Packets embody the essence of home and tradition, making every exchange a heartfelt celebration of love and unity.
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